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Student Email FAQ

How do I set up my account?

  1. Log into PantherWeb with your Student ID and password.
  2. Click on the my.palmbeachstate email link in the My Details section on the right side of the screen.

What is my email address?

New and readmitted students will receive their email address in their Conditions of Admissions letter.

  • All students will receive an email to their personal email address that was provided to the College
  • Students can log into PantherWeb.


  1. Log into PantherWeb with your Student ID and password.
  2. Your address will appear in the My Details section next to my.palmbeachstate email.

What is my password?

Your email password is your PantherWeb password. You may change this password in PantherWeb. Click on Profile from the top yellow toolbar and then Change Password.

How do I reset my password?

You may reset your password from the Did you forget your Student ID or Password? link under the PantherWeb login page labeled ResetPassword page. You will need to enter your first and last name (exactly as it appears on your records), date of birth, Student ID number, and security question.

You can also change your password after logging into PantherWeb. Click on Profile from the top yellow toolbar and then Change Password.

What are the password requirements?

Password policies have been changed as of May 19, 2018. Passwords are case-sensitive and must adhere to the following rules:

  • The password must be between 8 to 15 characters.
  • The password must be changed every 180 days.
  • The password cannot match the last 24 passwords.
  • The password must contain (3 of 4) of the following:
    1. At least 1 lowercase character.
    2. At least 1 UPPERCASE character.
    3. At least 1 number.
    4. At least 1 special character:

How do I access my email?

The most convenient option to access your email is via the my.palmbeachstate email link found on your PantherWeb homepage, under the Quick Links section. Taking this link will open your student email inbox without any further login prompts.

You may also retrieve your email by navigating to https://login.microsoftonline.com. In order to access to your email this way, you will need to login with your full email address (@my.palmbeachstate.edu) and your password.

Why was my email password changed (or reset)?

As of May 19, 2018, the password requirements have been updated from the six character password to an 8-15 character password.  If you have not changed your password you will be prompted to do so when you log in.

This will allow your password to be synchronized with your college email account and provide you additional security.

You may log in to PantherWeb to reset your password if needed. Within 60 minutes, your email account password will be automatically updated with your new password.

What if I don't have my Student ID number or Social Security number?

Please go to the Admissions website to contact your campus Admissions Office or contact the College Registrar's Office at panweb@palmbeachstate.edu to have your information sent to you. You may also visit Student Services in person to get your information.

Is there a charge for this?

No. PBSC email addresses are completely free for our students!

Who is eligible for a PBSC student email address?

Each student who applies to PBSC, both credit and non-credit, as well as currently or previously enrolled students will be assigned an email address.

What is the mailbox size limit?

50GB of space is available in your mailbox.

Is there an attachment size limit?

Yes, there is a 20 MB attachment size limit in place.

Can this account be used for personal email also?


Can I change my PBSC student email address?

Your assigned email address cannot be changed unless you have legally changed your name. Visit the website to change your name in the system and also your email address. Print the Address or Name Change Request form and submit it with the required documentation to the Admissions office.

What do I do if my email address changes?

If you use the Address or Name Change Request form to generate a new email address, then you will be able to continue to access your email from the link provided on your PantherWeb home page as you normally would.

When logging into your email via https://login.microsoftonline.com, please stop using the old email address to sign in, and begin using the new one. If there is any important information stored in your previous email account, you should move it to your new account as soon as it becomes available. Your previous account may become inactive or purged.

Can I forward my PBSC email to a personal email address?

Yes, you can. PBSC imposes no restrictions on this; however, we do offer a word of caution. There are potential issues that can arise when using forwarding services. For example, the service you forward your e-mails to may see college emails as SPAM, which may cause issues with getting your email.

Signing in directly to your student email mailbox is strongly suggested as it prevents issues with getting all of your messages and gives you access to the other great services provided to you (such as Office online and your SkyDrive).

How can I forward PBSC email to another email account?

Visit the Microsoft Outlook Web App Help page for forwarding messages to another account.

Can I still use this account if I am no longer a student at PBSC?

Yes, your account will remain active as long as you need it. If you do not log in to your account for an extended period of time, your account may become inactive or purged.

Will this account be mandatory for emailing homework?

Homework assignments will depend on your instructor, however all official college communication will be delivered to this account. Contact your instructor for more information. Students using Blackboard will still need to use Blackboard as their communication system.

Will other students have access to my email address?

PBSC makes every effort to protect the privacy of its students. There is no global address book or directory where a student can look up another student's email address.

Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Edge?

No. All of the web-based services included in your PBSC email can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or Linux using Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers.

How will the College use my PBSC email address?

The College uses email as an official means of communication with students. The College will send important information, notices, and student updates to your email account. Also, your professor may use it for course communication.

How can I set up my mobile phone to access my student email account?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The College does not provide support for Mail Enabled Cell Phones. The Microsoft Outlook app is the recommended way for students to access PBSC  email on Android and iOS devices.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Student IT Help Desk at studenthelpdesk@palmbeachstate.edu or call the Student IT Help Desk at (561) 868-4000.

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