Set up MFA/2FA- iOS (using mobile device only)

Follow the instructions listed on your computer and phone.  If you need detailed step-by-step instructions, continue with the steps below.

There are four things that you need to do:

  1. Download and Install the Microsoft Authenticator App from the App Store.
  2. Open Safari and go to
  3. Configure the authentication app method.
  4. Configure the phone authentication method.

If you would prefer to speak with someone please contact the IT Service Desk at 868-4000.

Step by step instructions

Step 1: From your mobile device, download and install Microsoft Authenticator.

  1. From the App Store, type in Microsoft Authenticator and click on "Get" to download and install the app.

Microsoft Authenticator – On the App Store


Step 2: Open Safari and type



  1. Enter your email address. ( or (
    • Note: If you have multiple Microsoft accounts (ex. at other schools) you may need to completely sign out of your account in order to sign in to your Palm Beach State Microsoft Account.

Enter your email address


  1. Enter your password, then click Sign in.


Enter your password

  1. Click Next.

Click on Next to continue the process

  1. Your mobile web browser will display a screen to set up the methods. Click Next.

Click on Next under Keep your account secure


Step 3: Configure the Microsoft Authenticator app.


  1. On the Microsoft Authenticator app, select Work or School account.

Select School or Work account


  1. Click Next on the mobile web browser to set up your account.

Click on Next to keep account secure


  1. The code and URL will be generated. Click Next.

Generate Code and URL after clicking on cannot scan


  1. Switch back to the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  2. Select "Enter Code Manually" to access the Add account page. Note: The mobile web browser will not generate a QR code to scan. This can only be done using the web browser on a computer.
  3. Copy and paste the generated code and URL under Add Account.

Copy and Paste Code under Add account


  1. Click Finish.
  2. You will be prompted to approve the notification sent to you phone. This is only a test that you are able to receive notifications.
  3. Click Approve.

Receive notifications for approval


  1. Click Next after the notification has been approved.


Step 4: Configure Phone authentication.

  1. Enter your phone number. Click Next.


Enter your phone number


  1.  You will receive an automated phone call.
  2. Press on the # Key to authenticate after following the instructions.
  3. Click on Next after phone authentication method is set up.

Click on Next after the call is answered


  1. Both app and phone authentication methods will be checked once they are set up successfully.

Both methods are successfully set up


  1. You will be able to access your profile after the setup is successful.

You will have access to your profile


Note: If the Mail app on your mobile does not support MFA/2FA, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Outlook app to access your PBSC email.

Click here to set up the Microsoft Outlook app after enrolling and setting up MFA/2FA.


If you still need assistance, call the IT Service Desk at 868-4000 or submit a ticket.


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