Respondus Lockdown Browser - Download and Install

Use these Respondus Exam Instructions to learn how to download Respondus Lockdown Browser and where you can take tests that require Respondus on campus.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to install Respondus LockDown Browser on your Windows or Mac computer.


If you want to use an iPad you will need to install the "LockDown Browser" from the Apple App Store

Note: Your instructor must first select a setting that permits the use of iPads for the exam so you will want to reach out to them well in advance so that can be set up. Click here for more information about using an iPad to take exams in your course.

You can verify system requirements from the download page to ensure your system is compatible.


Student Support:
If you encounter any issues, you will be provided a 'feedback textbox' upon submission of the exam. Please explain any issues you encountered in detail and your instructor will notify you how to make-up the exam.

You can also contact the PBSC Online Student Support Team directly if you have any questions or need some assistance.


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