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This entry provides a 20 minute video and document outlining the recommended Zoom Meeting Settings.
OpenAthens Articulate Rise Module 2020

OpenAthens is an authentication system for various library resources. It helps remove barriers between learners and the resources the college provides.
A short overview of Two Factor Authentication (2FA), including a link to additional student resources.
A short explanation of acronyms you may come across.
Student guide for Kaltura.
Dr. Victoria Nesbick share tips and strategies for course discussion boards.
Short video eLearning orientation by James Gass
Zoom Articulate Rise Module 2020

This guide provides instructions for using Zoom.  Zoom is a popular collaboration tool that can be used for remote learning.
Collaborating Faculty: Vetaley Stashenko
Rotating anatomical heart image with all parts labeled.
Short video providing guidelines for filming in PBSC studios.
~ Who do I contact for help?
~ How do I use Collaborate sessions to take attendance/participation?
~ How do I create an active link in Blackboard?
~ How do I add a schedule to Blackboard?
Collaborators: Dana Hamadeh, Tim Siniscalchi, Meaghan Janiak, Kat Huang
Interactive 360 degree tour of Boca Science Labs: CB103, CB105, CB106, CB107, CB108, CB208, CB212. Thinglink tours include embedded content.