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Zoom Articulate Rise Module 2020

This guide provides instructions for using Zoom.  Zoom is a popular collaboration tool that can be used for remote learning.
A short explanation of acronyms you may come across.
Student guide to getting started with Zoom.
Original created by: Anurag Katyal
OpenAthens Articulate Rise Module 2020

OpenAthens is an authentication system for various library resources. It helps remove barriers between learners and the resources the college provides.
A short overview of Two Factor Authentication (2FA), including a link to additional student resources.
Student guide for Kaltura.
Dr. Victoria Nesbick share tips and strategies for course discussion boards.
Short video eLearning orientation by James Gass
Collaborating Faculty: Vetaley Stashenko
Rotating anatomical heart image with all parts labeled.
Short video providing guidelines for filming in PBSC studios.
Collaborators: Dana Hamadeh, Tim Siniscalchi, Meaghan Janiak, Kat Huang
Interactive 360 degree tour of Boca Science Labs: CB103, CB105, CB106, CB107, CB108, CB208, CB212. Thinglink tours include embedded content.