Request support for A/V equipment and events, CCTV, Video on Demand or report an issue with A/V equipment.

Services (8)

Report Technical Issues In The Classroom

Report issues with, computer hardware or software, doc camera, projectors, monitor, video streaming, etc.

CCTV Request

Schedule and view a video from the collection of over 6,000 titles.

Classroom Equipment Orientation Request

Schedule a hands-on orientation or review session of media equipment capabilities and operation.

Equipment Checkout

Advanced booking requests for equipment and/or technical support for events.

Event Technical Support Request

Request a technician to assist with an event. To be used if you do not need equipment and you are only requesting technical support.

Info Channel Request

Request to place an announcement on the Info Channel.

Media Acquisition Request

Suggest video and audio material to be added to the collections.

Video On Demand

Schedule your program on Video on Demand.