What is the process for hiring a student worker?

Student Employment Steps:  

  1. Students apply online  to the Evergreen Job Posting  (HR creates) 
  2. A candidate pool is created  (Financial Aid)
  3. Review Candidates on Evergreen (Financial Aid)
  4. Move eligible candidates from Evergreen to appropriate Candidate Pool  (Financial Aid)
  5. Notify department available pool for selection  (Financial Aid)
  6. Department notifies Financial Aid of choice (Department)
  7. Create Job Requisition  (Department)
  8. Job Requisition sent to Financial Aid to process  (Financial Aid)
  9. Move candidate from Evergreen to Job Requisition  (Financial Aid)
  10. Advance Candidate to HR for Pre-Hire  (Financial Aid)
  11. Hire Candidate for Student Employment (HR completes the hire process)

For further assistance contact the Financial Aid office.


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