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Use this to submit an announcement for posting on the Info Channel. The Info Channel is used to announce club meetings, events, procedures, or departmental announcements. 

Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

1 business day

7 business days


Additional Information:

  • Custom requests require additional days.
  • Text and images provided must be in compliance with existing Copyright Laws.
  • The requester accepts liability for any infringement of Copyright laws incurred by its use.
  • All text to be displayed must be in a Word, Publisher, PDF, or PowerPoint file.
  • Images should be in a high-resolution format.
  • Adjustments to flyers will be done due to size constraints for television viewing.
  • The requester is responsible for proofreading content submitted.
  • The Info Channel can be viewed in various common areas and classrooms throughout the campus.
  • Info Channel requests will be sent to CRM for approval prior to posting. 
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Mon 7/24/17 5:11 PM
Thu 11/7/19 11:26 AM