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The Information Security Office Website

As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated by the day, the importance of being educated on how to protect vital information has never been more crucial. The Information Security Office website will serve as a portal for students, staff and faculty to educate themselves on cybersecurity and learn how to stay protected from potential dangers. From online safety tips and proper social media protocol to help manage your privacy settings and a self-service guide for phishing emails, this website provides the tools needed to stay secure. To visit the website, please use the following link,


The Phishing Alert Button

The Phishing Alert Button (PAB) is a new feature that will be added to your email programs (see image below) and it offers a safe way to forward email threats to the security team for analysis and deletes the email from the user’s inbox to prevent future exposure. All with one click!


Report Phishing button


Reporting spam/unwanted email will strengthen our cyber shield and protect the college against cyber attacks. This service is used to report spam or unwanted email.

To report a spam email, click on Report Email. Add the email as an attachment to the email and press Send. For detailed instructions, view the related article or click here.

For additional support, contact the Service Desk at 13100.

Report Email


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