Project Request

Step 1. The process starts with your submission of an idea, by selecting Submit Project Request -->.

Step 2. Your request will be routed to the Project Sponsor for review and approval. The Sponsor will also be contacted by the IT Project Manager (PM).

Step 3. Once approved,  the PM will schedule a Project Advisory Board (PAB) meeting with members of the IT Department for technical feasibility and to determine if its a Project or Service Request.  Once reviewed it will then be routed to the appropriate committee(s) for further review and/or approval or handled as a Service Request.

The Palm Beach State College’s IT Governance describes the essential elements in the management of its projects and project portfolio.

IT defines a project as a temporary endeavor with a start and finish, undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.  IT projects require technology resources that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Project cost >$5,000
  2. Resource time exceeds 40 hours
  3. Brings a new service to the IT service catalog
  4. Project FTEs required from two or more internal (IT) departments and/or across two or more divisions and/or colleges;
  5. Discretion of the CIO

The IT Project Manager will contact you within one week of requesting a project.  This individual will act as point of contact between your department and the IT project governance committee for their review and prioritization.

helpful info

  • You may save this project request via the "Save" button and revisit it for edits and changes prior to submission.
  • You must mark each section complete before you can "Review and Submit" the project request.
  • Project is submitted by the “Submit” button on the Review and Submit page.