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Project is 100 % complete, starting on Wed 11/15/17 and ending on Fri 3/22/19.

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Project completed. Remaining work in the Secure CRT converted to Standard Change Request ticket.

Per Edith Robinson-Johnson


As discussed we have reached a point where the remaining work in the Secure CRT project can be converted to a Standard Change Request ticket which will include removing host explorer from desktop that do not use DocFinity QuickScan.
I will work with Devin to create the change request. The primary reason for the project is to ensure that we are in compliance with respect to the Host Explorer licenses. As per Denise’s email it looks like we are in compliance but could continue to remove it from the desktop via a ticket.
To date:
Host Explorer was removed from our image and it’s no longer being automatically deployed to desktops.
IT implemented a process whereby new users will get Secure CRT unless the identify that they are DocFinity Quickscan users, then they will get Host Explorer
Host Explorer was also removed from the two Remote Desktop Servers
Devices that were reimaged during the Windows 10 upgrade project did not receive Host Explorer unless they were DocFinity Quickscan users

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Wed 11/15/17 - Fri 3/22/19
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The Enterprise Systems group have been testing for a while and Kelsey Scotten in HR has been using it for months with no issues (scanning for PantherDocs). However, when deploying to a larger group the users had issues. We need to do a root cause analysis and create a deployment plan before rolling out again. Scope Change to exclude Panthersdoc users list so quickscan users can have the same process. New SecureCRT users will require training with an updated video tutorial. The new OU list will identify and classify users in regards to the scope change.
Tue 1/23/18 1:35 PM
Fri 3/22/19 12:24 PM
Fri 3/22/19 12:24 PM


Replacing Hummingbird's OpenText with Secure CRT for accessing Panthernet/Green Screens, and
replacing Hummingbird with SecureCRT desktop software for accessing Panthernet/Green Screens.
The reason for this change is a licensing issue with the current software to be configured. The cost of Hummingbird licensing is costing too much and we want to lower the cost.


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