Guided Pathways: An Institution-wide Project

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Will this benefit students, staff, and/or faculty?
Is this in response to regulatory compliance?
If yes, please explain:
This project supports the College's effort to meet several regulatory expectations, including but not limited to:

1. The 2017 Florida Statutes, Title XLVIII, K-20 EDUCATION CODE
Chapter 1008 ASSESSMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY 1008.02 Definitions.—As used in this chapter, the term:
(1) “Developmental education” means instruction through which a high school graduate who applies for any college credit program may attain the communication and computation skills necessary to successfully complete college credit instruction. Developmental education may be delivered through a variety of accelerated and corequisite strategies and includes any of the following:
(a) Modularized instruction that is customized and targeted to address specific skills gaps.
(b) Compressed course structures that accelerate student progression from developmental instruction to college-level coursework.
(c) Contextualized developmental instruction that is related to meta-majors.
(d) Corequisite developmental instruction or tutoring that supplements credit instruction while a student is concurrently enrolled in a credit-bearing course.
(2) “Gateway course” means the first course that provides transferable, college-level credit allowing a student to progress in his or her program of study.
(3) “Meta-major” means a collection of programs of study or academic discipline groupings that share common foundational skills.
History.—s. 18, ch. 2013-51.

2. College Affordability: Florida Statute 1004.085(8) – The board of trustees of each Florida College System institution and state university shall report, by September 30 of each year, beginning in 2016, to the Chancellor of the Florida College System or the Chancellor of the State University System, as applicable, the textbook and instructional materials selection process for general education courses with a wide cost variance identified pursuant to subsection (4) and high-enrollment courses; specific initiatives of the institution designed to reduce the costs of textbooks and instructional materials; policies implemented in accordance with subsection (6); the number of courses and course sections that were not able to meet the textbook and instructional materials posting deadline for the previous academic year; and any additional information determined by the chancellors.

3. Performance Funding: Retention Rates; Completion Rates; Job Placement/Continuing Education Rates; and Entry-level Wages: The 2016 Florida Legislature codified the Florida College System Performance-Based Incentive program into s.1001.66, Florida Statutes, effective July 1, 2016. The law awards a performance-based incentive to Florida College System institutions using performance-based measures adopted by the State Board of Education. The law requires the model include four measures: (1) Retention Rates, (2) Completion Rates, (3) Job Placement/Continuing Education rates, and (4) Entry-Level Wages. It also requires the State Board of Education to adopt a rule to administer the program, develop benchmarks for evaluation of institutional performance, establish minimum requirements to receive state investment funds, and monitor colleges with performance improvement plans. The current rule for the legislation was approved by the State Board of Education on July 17, 2017.
Does the project involve software that will store employee data on the Internet/Cloud?
If yes, please explain:
Provide specific information on the type of data. Ex. employee first name, job title, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information.
This project involves the redesigning of student service delivery processes, and might therefore included student data access and storage.
Does the project involve software that will store student data on the Internet/Cloud?
If yes, please explain:
Provide specific information on the type of data. Ex. student first name, student ID, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information.
Not at this point.
Risk of doing nothing:
Describe the impact to the business if this project is not selected for implementation.
As PBSC develops a strategy towards continuous improvement in granting students access to increased opportunities for enrollment and completion of credentials, this project is very necessary. Without it, there is a risk of falling behind and out of compliance with one or more of the above regulatory expectations. Without this project the College is less able to improve how it leverages personnel and technological resources to produce transformative changes needed to improve students' chances of completing their degree in a timely fashion. If this project is not implemented, students are less likely to benefit from the Guided pathways supports and systems that would allow them to develop academic plan early, follow clear road map with courses students need to take to complete their credentials, and receive guidance and support to help them stay on plan to completion. Comparatively, the Guide Pathways Model offers more financial benefits to students and the College than the existing cafeteria Model, which involves--a less effective self-serve approach for students, less innovative and more static program checklists, accumulation of excess credit hours, more risks for stop-outs, limited feedback on student progress towards completion and low completion rates.
Has this project been funded?
Who will sponsor this project?
Whoever "owns" the project on behalf of the organization. The person that has overall responsibility for a project and can authorize work on the project to begin. The VP with funding authority who has provisioned funds for the project.
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Will there be vendor engagement?
Will any vendor be contracted to perform any work on this project?
Hardware One-Time Cost
Hardware Annual Cost
Hardware Supporting Information
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Software Lisences One-Time Cost
Software Licenses Annual Cost
Software Licenses Supporting Information
Contractors One-Time Cost
Contractors Annual Cost
Contractors Supporting Information
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Total One-Time Cost
Specify low and high end range, as applicable, for 90% certainty.
Total Annual Cost
Specify low and high end range, as applicable, for 90% certainty.


In fulfilling its mission and strategic goals, PBSC plans to integrate a comprehensive, institution-wide strategy to increase student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent and structured educational experiences. The strategy is to apply the Guided Pathways framework at four key points: Connection, Entry, Progress, and Completion. This project focuses on four College-wide dimensions: (1) Clarify paths to student end goals; (2) Help students choose and enter a pathway; (3) Keep students on path; and (3) Ensure that students are learning.


  1. The College will advance a constant commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

  2. The College will practice effective enrollment management to ensure optimal access, retention, program completion, and student success.

  3. The College will respond to the current and emerging educational needs of the community with innovative educational opportunities.

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Anthony Perrone (perronea)

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Wed 9/6/17 12:59 PM