Can I submit my Belle Glade Travel Stipend digitally through Workday?

Yes the departmental support person for your area can! The Belle Glade Travel Stipend Job Aid can assist your departmental support person with this process. 

This digital form is to be used by departmental support staff for filing on behalf of Adjunct Instructors and Faculty members who are assigned to teach on the Belle Glade Campus and use their vehicle to travel to and from the campus. The mileage stipend is based on the number of days the faculty member or adjunct instructor is scheduled to teach at the Belle Glade Campus. The mileage rate and total amount will be calculated based on the number of days in a term and travel miles. The mileage stipend will be paid throughout the term.

NOTE: This form should be submitted in the beginning of each term. For mileage, calculate the one-way mileage from the instructors' home address to the Belle Glade Campus using MapQuest Route Planner. Before beginning the Belle Glade Travel request in Workday, please refer to the Board Policy that pertains to your position regarding Belle Glade Travel Stipend. Bargaining Agreement; Appendix B, Section J Belle Glade Travel Stipend. 


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