How do I create a customer in Workday and what else do I need to do?

Workday considers customers to be a type of business entity and to record your sales and create receivables accounting you can use customer invoices. This Job Aid walks through the steps of Creating a customer, adding all of their contact information, setting the reference ID, and setting document delivery preferences for a customer. This also goes over how to make edits for a Customer’s information in Workday using how to edit the document delivery preferences for a customer’s dunning letter as an example. For all other customer tasks, please reference the Customer Invoices Job Aid.

Customers who do not exist in Workday need to be created in the system before an invoice can be created. If the customer does not exist in Workday, please contact the Accounts Receivable department and provide the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email Address *An email for all customers is preferred. When setting up a new customer or contacting a customer, ask for the best email for correspondence, if they prefer email invoices and the best email for invoices.* 
  • Company Point of Contact: First and Last Name − Company Web Address - if applicable .

For instructions on how to create a customer, set their Ref ID and se their communication prefrences, please follow the Creat Customers Job Aid. 

You will be required to log in with your PBSC credentials to view traning materials. 


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