Can a requisition have both Goods line items and Services line items?

No. Mixing both Goods line types with Services line types will result in an error, as shown below. While the text in the error message may not seem to match your problem, the combination of both line types is the mostly likely cause for the error. Eliminate all lines of of one type. Continue reading below to determine when to use Service Lines vs. Goods Lines.

Good and Service Lines mixed

When to use the Goods Line:

If your order is primarily comprised of goods items (to purchase, not rent) with or without a few services – use the Goods line item.

  • Example: You’re purchasing (3) replacement parts for a machine and (1) professional installation by the supplier (a service). In this case, the installation would be a Goods line item with a quantity of 1 and the unit price being the total charge for that service.Goods line example

When to use the Services Line:

If your order is primarily comprised of services with only a few or no goods items – use the Services line item.

  • Example 1: You’re ordering chemical waste pickup services that include a new 55 gallon drum at an additional charge (beyond the service charge) – use the Service line. The drum is ancillary to the service.
  • Example 2: You’re renting tables, tents and tablecloths for an event – use the Service line because the supplier is providing a service (temporary use and installation of tables/etc.).

Service Lines Example


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