Ship-To address vs. Deliver-To address, what’s the difference?

Ship-To address: Street/mailing address for the campus where the order should be delivered. Typically, will be the Receiving Department for the campus, with few exceptions. This is printed on the Purchase Order. Notice! Currently, this field defaults to the Boca Raton campus for all users. Until this Workday error can be resolved, each user must manually change the Ship-To address accordingly. For details see Article ID: 82446 My Default Ship-To Address is wrong

Deliver-To address: Location on campus where the order is going to (building and room number). This is a default, internal field used by the Receiving staff for your campus, so they know where to deliver. This is not provided to the supplier.

  • TIP: Your Deliver-To address is derived from your "My Work Space" location. Be sure it has been updated with your building and room number. To make changes, see Article 41407 How do I change my work space (office number) address?
  • TIP: You can change the Deliver-To address as needed, per requisition. For example, if you are catering an event on campus, use the event's campus and room location as the Deliver-To address; this is temporary change that will only affect this requisition and the field will default to your regular Deliver-To address for future requisitions.

Checkout Screen, Shipping Address tab:

Ship-to vs Deliver-to addresses

















Checkout Screen, Review and Submit tab:

Ship-to vs Deliver-to addresses




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