Memos found on Purchasing Requisitions - Understanding the three types

There are three memos used in the Purchasing Requisition process in Workday:

  1. Memo (Line item memo)
  • Location: Found on these screens: Request Non-Catalog Items, Cart, Checkout, Requisition and Purchase Order. It is specific to a single line on a requisition/PO, not necessarily the entire order. This is an internal-memo, available only to PBSC staff, not the supplier thus will not print on the PO.
  • Usage: Explain the purpose for an item/service, particularly useful for auditing purposes. Each line item may have a unique memo.
  • Example: You need to order a picture frame to display required course accreditation for public view. Because frames are normally prohibited, this authorized exception should be explained, and the purpose typed in this memo field. "'Frame to display ASE Accreditation in classroom"
  1. Memo to Suppliers
  • Location: Found on these screens: Checkout, Requisition and Purchase Order.
  • Usage: Relay additional information to the supplier and is the only memo that will print on the Purchase Order. It is good practice to type the quotation/estimate number in this memo. Other information may include specific instructions you would like to relay to the supplier.
  • Example: "Per Quote # Q19-124; please call Mary Smith at 561-555-1234 prior to delivery"
  1. Internal Memo
  • Location: Found on these screens: Checkout, Requisition and Purchase Order.
  • Usage: Document the purpose of your overall order and any other instructions/comments for PBSC staff regarding your order. This is an internal-only memo that will display at the internal Purchase Order header but will NOT print on the Purchase Order nor will it be provided to the supplier.
  • Example: "Classroom supplies for Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Technical program (PSAV 5451)"

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Memo field examplesMemo examples


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