How do I hire a current employee for an additional position?

As a Manager, please refer to the items below:

1) The current employee will need to apply for the position you have posted that they wish to obtain as their additional position here at PBSC. Once that employee completes their application, they are to notify you via email that their application is submitted. 


2) Once the candidate has notified you that they have applied, please go into Workday and progress the candidate's application to either "Screened" or "Adjunct Assessed". Refer to the Review Candidates Job Aid on how to complete this process. Once you have progressed the candidate, please notify HR via e-mail with the candidate name, the requisition number and the start date of the additional position. 


3) If needed, please refer to the appropriate Create Job Requisition Job Aid link below:

Create Student Assistant Requisition

Create Regular Full Time/Part Time Requisition

Create Full Time Faculty Requisition

Create Adjunct Faculty Requisition

Create Contingent Worker Requisition

Create OPS Position Requisition



You will be required to log in with your PBSC credentials to view these Job Aids. 


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