Technology Acceptable Use Standards Agreement

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The computing, digital technology, and digital information resources at Palm Beach State College support the organization's goals of excellence in teaching and learning, operational efficiencies, innovative educational opportunities and optimal access, retention, program completion and student services. Usage of these resources is a privilege that is extended to students, faculty, employees, staff, contractors, partners. As a user of these services and facilities, you have access to valuable organizational resources, to sensitive and critical data, and to internal and external networks. Consequently, it is important for all users to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner.
In general, acceptable use shall be taken to mean respecting the rights of other digital users, the integrity of physical and digital assets, pertinent license and contractual agreements, and where applicable, maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
This document establishes specific requirements for the use of all computing and network resources within Palm Beach State College.

This policy applies to all users of computing resources owned or managed by Palm Beach State College. Individuals covered by the policy include (but are not limited to) students, faculty, full time employees, part time employees, contractors, interns, partners, customers, external individuals and organizations accessing network services via computing facilities.
Computing resources include all Palm Beach State College owned, licensed, or managed hardware and software, and use of the Palm Beach State College network via a physical or wireless connection, regardless of the ownership of the device connected to the network.
This policy applies to technology administered by individual departments, locations, or shared services and is applicable to Palm Beach State College owned, personally owned computers and devices, connected by wire or wireless to the Palm Beach State College network, and to computers and devices that connect remotely to the Palm Beach State College network services.


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