When should I create my final Expense Report?

Travel Credit Card transactions are posted to Workday regularly. However, certain items, such as credits, lodging, gas and car rental tolls may take longer to be processed by the bank and post to Workday. It is recommended to confirm all charges are available in Workday before completing your Final Expense Report after you return. Please follow the Create Expense Report Job Aid when creating an expense Report for yourself or on behalf of a worker. 


Creating an Expense Report on Behalf of a Worker:

• If you accidentally create this in your name rather than the intended worker’s name, you cannot edit this once submitted. You must cancel the incorrect Expense Report and create a new one.

• You cannot view or edit an Expense Report created on behalf of a worker once you select save for later or submit the document. The document must be completed correctly and all at once. 


You will be required to log in with your PBSC credentials to view the Job Aid. 


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