How do I create a Spend Authorization for myself or for a worker on their behalf?


Prior to beginning any Travel process, it is recommended that the traveler review FIN-ACP-005 Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Procedure Manual. The Travel Pocket Guide is also available for quick reference throughout your travel process. 


Please follow the Create Spend Authorization Job Aid when creating a Spend Authorization for yorself or for a worker on their behalf. This process in Workday will replace the Travel Request Form. A spend authorization is a preapproval that must be created and approved in Workday for employees prior to travel start date. This is just an estimate of the travel costs including airfare, hotel, parking, tolls, etc. Seven days after you travel, you will Create Expense Report, which will take the place of a Travel Reimbursement Form. 


Creating a Spend Authorization on Behalf of a Worker:

  • If you accidentally create an Expense Report in your name rather than the intended worker’s name, you cannot edit this once submitted. You must cancel the incorrect Expense Report and create a new one.
  • You cannot view or edit an Expense Report created on behalf of a worker once you select save for later or submit, unless you have the security to do so. Please complete the Expense Report correctly and all at once.


The Expense Item Table is very helpful in dertermining what expense items to select and when to do so when creating a Spend Authorization. 


You will be required to log in with your PBSC credentials.


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