How do Managers assign or remove security roles for Timekeepers and Absence Partners - Dept?

 Managers have the ability to add or remove the security roles of Timekeepers and Absence Partner - Dept for workers in their immediate and/or inherited ORG.  Please refer to the Add/Remove Security Roles for Timekeepers and Absence Partners - Dept Job Aid for step by step directions on how to manipulate these roles. You will need to log in using your PBSC credentials to view this Job Aid. 



After you follow the Job Aid and submit your additions, the next screen will tell you the next step in the business process, which is the Payroll approval. Payroll will receive the notification to Approve, Hold, or Deny the request.

  1. Approval ­ If employee is already fulfilling these roles and no training is needed.
  2. Hold ­ Pending Security Form and Training – additional process needed. You will be contacted by Payroll.
  3. Deny ­ Employee should not be granted access.


Once Payroll gives the access the notification will be in the Archive section of the managers inbox notating that the Change Role Assignments has been completed.


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