How do I Check In (Clock In) and then Check Out (Clock Out) each day?

Clocking In is known as Checking In and Clocking Out is known as Checking Out within Workday. This is a task that hourly employees who are Full or Part Time will do each day at the beginning and end of their shifts as well as when they go to and return from their meal break.

Please view the Time Tasks video for step by step directions on how to Check In and Out as well as how to Submit your time at the end of each week. There is also the Job Aids available in PDF format for instructions on these tasks available for Checking In/Out and Submitting your Time. If you work multiple positions at the college, please use the CkeckingIn/Out Multiple Positions Job Aid. 


You will be need to log in with your PBSC credentials to view these training materials. 

For additional assistance beyond the available training materials, please contact a Payroll Representative. 


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