Where should I buy / purchase items from? What supplier do I use for this?

Please reference the MENU of Purchasing Tasks for a guide on what types of suppliers to purchase from in different scenarios. This provides a guide on who to buy from for different needs (such as copy paper, Pre-approved IT items, lab supplies, making supplier contracts, etc.), the Workday Task you will use to buy as well as which Job Aid is available to walk you through the process. 

Not sure what your responsibilities are when making a purchase or what the actual steps are that you will have to take? Please refer to the Purchasing 101 Buying Guide for a helpful checklist of your responsibilities, Do's and Don'ts, process outlines, where to find help and special considerations.

Reminder: You will need to log in using your PBSC credentials to view Job Aids. 


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Fri 1/25/19 2:12 PM