Adding Attachments In Minute Traq

To add a file in Minute Traq:

  1. Click the Paperclip icon in the Navigation bar.
  2. Select File.

Select the paper clip icon then select File

  • From the Attachment tab:

    1. Select the Browse button on the right-hand side and navigate to the file you would like to upload.

Select Browse


  1. After the file is chosen, you can give a new title in the Title. The new title will appear as a watermark on the file board packet. The file name on your computer will not change.
    • Choose Upload File to Database if you want the file to be opened separately on the computer as a normal file attachment.
    • Choose Link the Path Only if you would like the file to be linked to a network Shared Drive. (This can also be done by selecting File Link instead of File from the paperclip dropdown icon).


  1. Select Convert to PDF if you would like to convert the file to a PDF. If the file is already a PDF document, this option will not be available.

Attachment tab view

  • From the Review Tab:

    1. If you would like the file to be sent to someone to review, select their name from the Reviewer drop down.
    2. In the description field, select the reason for why the file needs to be reviewed. (Action; Discussion; Presentation; Recommendation; or Review)
    3. Click the calendar icon to specify the due date for the file to be reviewed.
    4. The Instructions field can be used to provide details on the nature of the review.

Review tab view

  • The History tab will show a record of the "Add Comment" inputs from when someone has left a comment on the file.

History tab view

  • From the Options tab:

    • Agenda Options:
      • None - Will not be included in the appendix.
      • Linked – Will be listed in the agenda but not included.
      • Include – Actual Printout of attachment is included in agenda appendix.

  • Security:

This designates the appropriate visibility of the document to the public.

  • Private - Not available when included in Agenda or Letters.
  • Departmental - Not available when included in Agenda or Letters.
  • Confidential - Submitting Department, Sponsors, Reviewers, & Board Members.
  • Internal - Same as the Parent document except it is public.
  • Public - Same as the Parent document up to public.

Options tab view


If you need any further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 1-3100.


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