Getting Started With MinuteTraq

MinuteTraq is Palm Beach State College’s tool for inputting and streamlining the College District Board of Trustee’s submission of board items and its approval process and makes it easier to organize, distribute, and store content. The software provides automation and convenient accessibility via secure access and eliminates the need for printing and mailing board packets.


Double click on the MinuteTraq icon on your desktop to launch the software.

Alternatively, click the Start Menu and search for MinuteTraq. 

Type Minute Traq in the start menu and launch the desktop app.

To login:

  1. Enter your User Login and Password.  This is different from your Palm Beach State College credentials.
    • If you have not logged in to MinuteTraq before, your user login and default password should be in your email. 
    • If you do not have a MinuteTraq user login and password, submit a ticket to IT. 


  1. Type in palmbeachstatecollegefl for Agency.
    • If you will always use this computer, you can check the Auto-Connect on Start box so that you will always automatically login when launching Minute Traq on this computer.

Connect login window


Note: If you get a message of "Connected User ID property has not been initiated," please verify palmbeachstatecollegefl is entered for the Agency. 

Connected User ID property has not been initiated.


  1. If you receive a message that updates are available, always run the updates. If you do not run updates you may not be able to access Minute Traq.

Update Found example screen


Note: When prompted, leave "Run the Update when download completes" checked.

Leave Run the update when download completes checked


  1. Before continuing to use the software, see if any additional updates are available by going to Help then select, "Check for Updates Now".

Select Help then Check For Updates Now


  1. If you get the message "There are no updates available" then you can proceed to use the software.

Select OK for Check for Updates


To change your password after logging in:

  1. From the menu select, Tools, Change My Password.

Select Tools then Change My Password


  1. The Old Password will be the default password that was provided to you. Type in a new password and confirm, once completed, select OK.

Change Password Window


  1. You will get a message "Password Changed Successfully".

Password Changed Successfully


  • If the new password and confirm password does not match you will get the following message:

Confirmation Password does not match New Password


  • If the old password is not correct you will get the following message:

The password could not be set because the old password did not match or the user account has been deleted.


If you cannot remember your password or you have any issues, please contact the Service Desk at 1-3100.


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