How To Add/Install A Printer On A Desktop (Windows)

To Install A Printer: 

Note: installing the Follow-You Printer driver has to be done by the Service Desk.


  1. Select the Printers desktop icon.

Printers desktop icon

  1. Double-click the campus of the printer.

Select the campus

  1. Double-click the building of the printer.

Select the building

  1. Double-click the room of the printer.

Select the room

  1. Double-click the printer driver to start installing the driver.

Double-click the printer driver.

The following screen will appear to show the printer driver is beginning to install.

Driver loading screen

  1. The printer queue will appear when the driver is successfully installed. You can now choose the printer when printing.

Printer queue


If you need any further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at (561) 868 - 3100.

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