Creating and Submitting An Article In TeamDynamix

To create an article:

  1. From Knowledge Base, go to where you would like to place an article from your departments category and click on "New Article."

New Article button

  • Order is used to order each article among all of the articles in the same category. Articles are ordered first by this value and then by the subject.
    • If the article is being made under a category, the category will appear at the top.
  • Pinned articles will always be at the top of the article list ordered by subject.
  • Subject is used for making a title for the article.


Subject Order and Pin Article options


  • Body is where the contents of the article will be placed.

From here you have the ability to perform traditional document processing like printing the article, insert tables, and traditional formatting options like changing the font type and size, create headings, bold, italicize, or underline, text, add bullet points, etc.


Traditional word processing options


To insert an image into the body:

  1. Click the Image icon.

Select the image icon


  1. Click the Upload tab to upload an image that is saved locally on your computer, in a shared folder, or in your MyDocs. Once the image is chosen, click Send it to the Server.

From upload tab select choose filed then send it to the server


  1. Click Link to paste a hyperlink to an online image. Target specifies what the image will do when it is clicked. Select New Window so that the image opens in a new tab.

Example of the link tab


  1. Image Info gives a preview and the information for the image uploaded or hyper linked. From here you can adjust the image Width and Height. To follow the college's policy of being ADA compliant, insert text in the "Alternative Next" box that describes the image (for example: From the image info tab, modify the width and height). The ADA Guidlines can be found in the ADA Web Standards: What you need to know article.

Example of the image info tab


To embed a Youtube video:

Note: Youtube videos are able to be embedded in an article by clicking the Youtube icon. All other videos have to be hyperlinked for a user to get to it.

  1. Select the YouTube icon.

Select the Youtube button


  1. You can either embed the code from Youtube, or paste the URL to the Youtube video. You can also adjust the sizing of the video. Once added, select OK.

Embed Youtube Video window


  • The Summary field allows you to specify a brief overview for what the article is intended to be used for. If a summary is not provided, nothing will be displayed.

Summary view


  • Tags allow users to search for this article by keywords listed here. Words have to be separated by using a hyphen or dash ("-") in between words. Once the tag is typed out, press Enter on your keyboard to add it to the field.
    • For example: how-do-i-create-and-submit-an-article

Tags window


  • To preview the article you've made, click the Preview button in the top left corner of the Body box.

Select the preview button


To submit an article for review:

  1. After creating the article, select Save at the bottom of the page.

Save button


  1. In the top right corner, select Submit Article to submit the article. The article will then be sent to the appropriate person (Knowledge Manager, Training Coord., etc.) to be reviewed and published. Select Edit Article if you still need to modify the article.

Select the Submit Article button


  1. When the article is submitted, the status will change to Submitted under the Details window and will not be able to be edited.

Example of the Details window


  1. To get back to an article that you have submitted but has not yet been posted, click on My Articles in the top grey bar.

My Articles button


  1. All of the articles that you have created will now show along with its current status.

My Articles view



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