Finding The College Standard Computers In Workday

This article will describe how to locate the college standard computers through Workday. this can be used to locate quotes and models for the college's standard equipment.

  1. Log into Workday.
  2. Select Purchases under Applications.

Select Purchases


  1. Select Search Catalog under Actions

Select Search Catalog


  1. Select Search in the bottom left corner.

Select Search


  1. Under Category, select Equipment-Computer/IT.

Select the check mark next to equipment computer i t


  1. Click on the configuration that you're looking for.

Select the configuration option


  1. The Item Description will show the device configuration and the model. (For example: ThinkStation P320 is the model, 16 GB is the amount of RAM on the computer, and 1 TB is the amount of storage on the computer, etc.)

Example of the item description



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