Send an eFax using RightFax

Using email:

  1. Create a new email.

  2. Remove all contents in the body of the message (i.e signature, privacy warning, etc.)

  3. In the “To” field, enter the telephone number of the fax machine you wish to send to and add @pbsc.fax at the end.

    1. If you are sending long distance, include 1 at the beginning of the full 10 digit phone number (for example: 15618683100@pbsc.fax).

    2. If you are sending locally, you can send to the 7 digit number. (For example: 8683100@pbsc.fax).

    3. If you are sending internally, you can send to the 7 digit number or the extension. (For example: 13100@pbsc.fax).

  4. The From fields cover page information will populate automatically.

  5. The Subject text will appear under the Notes section on the fax cover page.

  6. You can include text in the body of the message, which will appear on page 2 of the faxed document.

  7. Attach a document (pdf, doc, txt, or tiff). This will appear on all remaining pages.

  8. Select Send

Type out the number in the to field and add at p b s c dot fax at the end of the number. Select send.

Using a Multi-function printer:

  1. Swipe Employee ID Card.
  2. LOG-IN screen appears.
  3. Press the Home Button.
  4. Press FACSIMILE.
  5. Proceed to Fax.
    • Palm Beach State College: 1 +(#) LAST FOUR NUMBERS.
    • LONG DISTANCE: 7+1+ area code + #.       


Using a paper document:

  1. First, you need to scan the document to your email address.
  2. Click here on how to use Scan to Me on the Multi-Function Printer.
  3. Once you've scanned your document, follow the step above to Using email:


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