Unable To Approve or Deny Meeting Requests In Outlook

By default "My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me (recommended)" is selected when setting up a delegate, which will disable the approve or deny options for the meeting request recipient and will only be enabled for the delegate(s). As a result, the intended recipient receives a "No Response Required" message for meeting requests. Your meetings will still show on your calendar regardless of what option is chosen.

No Response Required Message


To Accept or Decline meeting requests with the "No Response Required" message:

  1. Click Change Response then choose your response option.


Click Change Response and choose the meeting response option


To change how the meeting response is submitted:

  1. Select File

Click File


  1. Select Account Settings then select Delegate Access

Click Account Settings then Delegate Access


  1. Choose the meeting request response option:
    • To not receive you're meeting requests at all and for them to be sent only to your delegate(s), choose My delegates only
    • For you and your delegate(s) to be able to approve or deny your meeting requests, choose My delegates and me.

Delegate options


  1. If you do not want your delegate(s) to receive copies of your meeting requests and to have them only be sent to you:
    • From the Delegate Access window, choose the delegate(s) name and click Permissions

Choose the delegate account then click permissions


  • Uncheck Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me

Un-check the delegate receives copies of meeting related messages sent to me


  1. All of the previous meetings will still have the No Response Required showing, but all future meeting requests will now have the meeting response options as shown below.

Meeting response options


If you need any further assistance, please contact the Service Desk at (561) 868 -1300 or ext. 13100.


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