Outlook Showing Offline

When Work Offline mode is turn on, the emails you attempt to send will go to your outbox. You can see if your Outlook is working offline by looking at the bottom right in Outlook to see if it says "Working Offline" or if the Outlook icon has a red X in the far right of the task bar:

At the bottom right of Outlook, Working Offline will show if Outlook is in offline mode

To turn off Work Offline mode:

  1. Navigate to the "Send/Receive" tab and deselect "Work Offline." If a grey box shows around Work Offline then that means it is turned on.

From the Send receive tab, un-select Work Offline

  1. Check your sent items to verify the email transferred from your outbox to your Sent items.

  2. If Outlook is still offline, save everything on your computer and restart the computer.


If these steps do not resolve your issue, please submit a "Report Technical Issues with your Application or Software" ticket.


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