Color Categories Not Showing In Outlook

A user may have Read/Write access to a shared/generic mailbox and their color category may not show. Generic mailboxes can be setup many different ways. Depending on how or when a mailbox was setup, some users may require full access to view these categories while some may require Editor/Reviewer access, which can all be provided by the manager of the generic mailbox. This may contribute to not being able to view these categories properly.


To upgrade the color categories:

  1. Right Click on the Generic Mailbox and select "Data File Properties".

Right click the generic mailbox and select Data File Properties


  1. In the Mailbox Properties window, click on "Upgrade to Color Categories" and press OK.

Select Upgrade to Color Categories and OK


  1. When prompted select Yes. This process will take some time to complete.

Select Yes


If the issue still occurs, please submit a ticket using the My Email Stopped Working service or contact the Service Desk at (561) 868 - 3100 or 13100.


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Thu 7/19/18 4:54 PM
Thu 8/16/18 3:24 PM