What are some scenarios for the transition from PantherNet to Workday for Travel?

 The situations below should help with the transition from PantherNet to Workday



Reimbursements received in June that were ready to pay.

These were reimbursed in PantherNet prior to July 1.

Reimbursements for June (and before) approved on the old Paper Form (approved but not yet reimbursed).

The Travel Office will enter in paper Travel (Spend) Authorizations received in the travel office for trips that occurred at the end of June or will be occurring in July. Even though you have approval on paper, the Spend Authorization will need approvals in Workday, so the traveler and supervisor will receive an approval notice in their Workday in box starting July 9.  After the trip, the Expense Report will be entered into Workday by selecting the spend  authorization related to the trip.

Vicinity and In-County mileage from June or before.

The old Excel Travel Form for mileage can be attached to a Workday vicinity mileage Expense Report for reimbursement starting on July 9.  These do not require a spend authorization to be reimbursed.


Vicinity and In-County mileage  after July 1  

You may enter the detailed trips in Workday, or you may enter the totals from the Excel Travel Form for mileage and attach it to the expense reimbursement request starting on July 9.

Starting July 2, all trips with expense will require a Spend Authorization. Approvals for spend authorizations will electronically route for approval in Workday.  (Transactions may begin July 9.)


When the traveler returns, the Spend Authorization becomes the Expense Report with the appropriate documentation attached. Approvals for expense reimbursements will electronically route for approval in Workday. 


I am traveling with Students.

If you are traveling with Students and are responsible for their trip expenses, you will complete a Spend Authorization which includes yourself and all of the students.


I am traveling on a Grant.

If you are traveling on a grant and have questions, your Grants Accountant will guide you through this process. 


Which PBSC card can be used for travel.      

Starting July 2nd only the Travel Card can be used in conjunction with travel.   Once the charge is made it will be available to select in the cardholders expense report.  P-card charges will no longer be associated with a trip.  We are in the process of handing out the remaining travel cards to those that have traveled in the last year.  An e-mail will go out this week to Travel Card holders letting them know where they can pick up their card. 




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