How do I create a requisition from a Supplier Website (Office Depot, Fisher Scientific or Amazon)?

This is referred to as a ‘Punchout’ in Workday. Workday’s functionality includes the ability for an end user to connect to a supplier's website (such as Office Depot, Fisher Scientific or Amazon's), fill a shopping cart, and bring those cart items back into Workday and create a purchase requisition in Workday.

For Office Depot and Fisher Scientific Punchout directions please refer to this Job Aid.   NOTE for Office Depot: A minimum combined order of $25 is required for all orders, however a minimum of $50 worth of items is preferred, to offset the average $58 in expense costs incurred to process each order. Thus, if you have an order for a $12 box of pens, please hold off on ordering until you have a few items that add up to at least $25 (preferably $50) before making a purchase.

For Amazon Punchout directions please refer to this Job Aid.

You will be required to sign in with your UserID and Password to access the Job Aid. 


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