Recovering Deleted Emails In Outlook

To recover deleted messages:

  • First, check your Deleted Items folder in Outlook to see if the email is there.
  • If the email is not there, select the Folder tab, then select Recover Deleted Items.

Select folder, then select Recover Deleted Items

  • Select the email(s) that you would like to recover. Click Restore Selected Items, then click OK
    • You can click Subject, Deleted On, or From to change the sorting of the messages.
    • If you would like to recover multiple emails, hold the Ctrl key and click on each email.

Select the emails you would like to recover.

  • The email will now go to the Deleted Items folder based on the original date of the email.

Email showing in the deleted items folder



When emails are deleted from your Deleted Items folder in Outlook, they go to the Recover Deleted Items folder where it will sit for 14 days before it is permanently deleted by Microsoft.


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