Recalling Emails In Outlook

If you send out an e-mail to someone but decide afterwards you'd rather the recipient not view the message, you can recall the message in order to have it removed from the recipient's inbox. You can only delete unread copies of the message. If the recipient opens the message that you sent, you cannot "recall" it from their inbox. If you successfully recall a message, it may still be possible for the recipient to find out you sent a message but later recalled it. The Microsoft recalling system can be inconsistent, and it can take more than a day for messages to be recalled.

To recall a message:

  1. In Outlook, go to your Sent Items folder

Select the Sent Items folder

  1. Double-click the message you want to recall.

Double-click the email

  1. From the Message tab, select the Actions drop down, then select the Recall This Message... button.

From message tab select actions and select recall this message

  1. A dialog box will appear presenting the options of either deleting the message, or deleting the message and replacing with another message. There is also an option to be notified if the recall is successful for each recipient. Once your options are chosen select OK and the recall attempt will start.
  • Select the button "Delete unread copies of this message" if you do not want to send a revised message.
  • Select the button "Delete unread copies and replace with a new message" if you would like to revise the message. The original message that was sent will open to be modified and resent.

Choose the recall options then select OK


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