Archiving Emails In Outlook

Archiving is a way to back up old mailbox items such as emails, appointments, tasks, etc., to reduce the size of your mailbox.Archived items are moved to a separate .PST Outlook Data File saved locally on your computer. All Archived folders should be saved under the "C:\Users\your username\mailbox\" folder location.

When saving an archived file please do not store the PST file in 'My Documents' or its sub folders, or a network share location. Saving to a network location results in slow performance of Outlook, Outlook not launching, or Outlook freezing constantly. Unfortunately it is not possible to store or access an archive file from Outlook Web Access.

  • To manually archive:

    1. Click the File tab

Select the File tab in the top left

  1. Click the Tools drop down, then select "Clean Up Old Items

Select the Tools drop down then select clean up old items

  1. In the Archive pop-up window:
    • Select the "Archive this folder and all subfolders" option. Any subfolder of the folder you select is included in this manual archive.
    • Select the full email address that you want to archive.
    • Choose a date from the "Archive items older than:" drop down box. This will archive items from the specified date and everything before then.
    • Under "Archive file" verify that the archive location is going to "c:\users\your username\mailbox\".

Select the full email address, set the archive date, confirm the file save location

  1. If the save location is incorrect:
    1. Select Browse.

Select Browse

  1. Select This PC (Windows 8 or 10) or Computer (Windows 7) on the left.

Select This PC

  1. Double-click OSDisk (C:) (Windows 8 or 10) or Windows (C:) (Windows 7)

Double Click OS DiskC

  1. Double-click the Users folder

Double-click the users folder

  1. Double-click the mailbox folder, then select OK

Double-click the mailbox folder

  1. Select OK

Select OK

  1. From the Archive pop-up window, select OK.

Select OK in the Archive window


  1. A PST file will now be created for the archive. Depending the size of the mailbox and the amount of mailbox items being archive it may take a while to complete, and you can see the progress at the bottom right in Outlook. Once completed, the archive folder will appear in the folder pane on the left side in Outlook as an additional folder.

  • To set up AutoArchive:

AutoArchive is turned off by default on our college machines. To turn on the automatic archiving feature:

  1. Select the File tab

Select File

  1. Select Options at the bottom of the blue column.

Select Option at the bottom of the blue column

  1. Select Advanced, then under AutoArchive select "AutoArchive Settings."

select advanced then auto archive settings

  1. From the AutoArchive window:
    1. Select the Run AutoArchive every ## days check box and specify how often to run AutoArchive
    2. Choose any other custom options.
    3. For the Move old items to location, verify that the archive location is going to "c:\users\your username\mailbox\". If not, follow step 4 above, then select OK.
      • If you want to manually archive only, you must turn OFF AutoArchive by unchecking "Run AutoArchive every ## days."

Select run auto archive, specify date and options, confirm file location, select OK

  1. The autoarchive will now be setup and will start in the specified amount time.​​​​​​​


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