Outlook - Sending and Saving a Contact Group

Contact groups are used to send emails to multiple people such as a project team, a committee, or a group of colleagues, without having to add each name each time you want to email them. To send a contact group you've created, use the following steps:

To send a Contact Group:

  1. In Outlook, select the People button/Icon in the Navigation bar at the bottom left.
  • Button:

Select the People Button

  • Icon:

Select the People Icon

  1. Open the Contact Group that you would like to send by double-clicking it.

Double-Click the name of the contact group


  1. From the Contact Group tab, select the Forward Group dropdown, then select As An Outlook Contact.

Select the Forward Group dropdown


  1. An email message will open with the contact group as an attachment. Enter in the email addresses of who you would like to send the contact group to, then select Send.

Select the Send button


To save a Contact Group sent to your email:

  1. Select the contact group attachment in the email, then select Open.

Select the Contact Group drop down then select Open


  1. From the Contact Group tab, select Save & Close.


  1. The contact Group will now show under "My Contacts."

Contact Group showing under My Contacts.



For adding a user to a Dsitrbution List, use the Adding and Removing Employees for a Distribution List and a Generic Mailbox article.


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