Adding and Removing Members for an Email Distribution List

  • To find a self-managed Distribution List

1. Open File Explorer from the Start Menu.

File Explorer

2. Scroll down and select the "Network" button in the lower-left side of the window

  • then select “Network" again at the top menu bar,
  • then select Search "Active Directory”                        


3. In the following window, type in the Name: of the distribution list.

  • Type "LIST-" then select Find Now, all distribution lists will display.
  • Locate the distribution list that you manager and ends with "-Snd-2".

4. Double-click to open the "Snd-2" distribution list to add members.

  • To Add members to a Distribution List:

1. Select the "Members" tab then select "Add".

2. In the new pop-up window, type the last name of the employee that needs to be added. Then select Check Names. Scroll to find the name, highlight the name, then select OK, Add, Apply to save changes. Do this for each member.

  • To Remove members from a Distribution List:

1. Select the "Members" tab, highlight the member, then select "Remove".

2. Confirm by selecting Yes then Apply, OK to save changes.

Select Yes to confirm you want to remove the user



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