Recover Deleted Network Files

If you have accidentally deleted a file from a network location such as your MyDocuments or a network shared drive, use these steps to attempt to recover them.


  1. Navigate to the folder in the MyDocuments or shared drive where the file was deleted.
  2. Right-click the folder and select “Properties.”

  1. Select the “Previous Versions” tab and click the folder that has the time stamp close to when the file was deleted. Select “Open.” This will open the previous version of this folder.

  1. Navigate to the file that was deleted then copy the file. Paste it in the correct location of the current MyDocs or shared drive folder by selecting “This PC” (Windows 10) or “Computer” (Windows 7) in the File Explorer window and navigating to either your MyDocs or the shared drive.

Note: If the file does not show in the Previous Versions, the I.T. Department Policy is that network restores are only done in the event of a catastrophic failure (entire systems or drives) for disaster recoveries unless approved by a VP.


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Sat 5/5/18 2:20 PM