I-9 Form Needed Prior to Starting Employment

NOTE: Employee refers to faculty, staff, adjuncts, temporary personnel, and student workers.

Federal law stipulates that the I-9 form must be completed within three days of a new employee’s start date. If the employee is not verified within three days, they will not be allowed to continue working until Human Resources have received their I-9 documents.

Formerly, a new employee would appear in our system and People Finder after Human Resources received the proper onboarding paperwork. With our new system however, new employees are visible even if we are missing this critical documentation, giving the appearance that all paperwork has been submitted.

To ensure that we are in 100% compliance of the federal law, managers may not issue a new employee start date until contacted by Human Resources to confirm that we have all the necessary paperwork submitted.  At that time, you will be provided an approved start date that can be communicated to the new hire.  



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