What happens with the 20+ years of HR and Finance data stored in PantherNet after Workday is implemented?

  1. All 20+ years of data from PantherNet is owned by Palm Beach State College and will be retained even after the implementation of Workday.
  2. Where that data is stored and how that data is accessed will be determined based upon our various campus needs:
    1. PBSCs Workday project team will be developing a detailed data conversion plan that addresses the specifics of the subset of the legacy data that will be migrated into Workday.
    2. Other legacy PantherNet data needed regularly will remain stored in PantherNet databases and readily accessed via our standard reporting tools, such as Reporting Services
    3. Other less frequently used legacy PantherNet data can be archived to inexpensive long term storage and accessed only when needed, like in response to an audit.


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