How can I check the status of my department/agency’s requisitions?

To check the status of your requisitions, simply type find requisitions into the Workday search box and click on specifically find requisitions when it appears. there are other tasks/reports with similar names (EX: Find Requisition Lines for Organizations and Find Requisition Lines and Line Splits for Organization) but only the task find requisitions will return the information needed. PLEASE NOTE: if find requisitions does not appear when you search for it, you may not have the security access to use this task. Please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance.

If you click into a completed requisition, you can also find the purchase order number (and a link to the purchase order) by scrolling all the way to the right. You may also find all purchase requisitions using this Job Aid. (You will be required to log in using your Palm Beach State College User ID and Password to access Job Aids). 


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