Creating New Personal Folder Files In Outlook

  1. Select the File tab

Select the File Tab

  1. Click Account Settings then Account Settings

Select Account Settings then Account Settings again

  1. Select the Data Files tab and click Add

Select the Data Files Tab then select Add

  1. Create a name for the file, and confirm the address bar has the path "Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (your username) > Mailbox" then press OK.

Verify the file path is computer, local disk, your username, and mailbox

Note: If the default path does not show as: "Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (your username) > Mailbox" change the file path to the location "C:\Users\(your username)\mailbox" by typing it in the address bar. If this path already shows, DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE PATH LOCATION.


When saving an archived file please do not store the PST file in 'My Documents' or its sub folders, or a network share location. Saving to a network location results in slow performance of Outlook, Outlook not launching, or Outlook freezing constantly. Unfortunately it is not possible to store or access an archive file from Outlook Web Access.


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