Setup Automatic Reply (Out of Office Message) For a Personal Mailbox

  1. In Outlook, select the "File" tab.

Select File Tab


  1. Under the "Info" tab, select "Automatic Replies."

Select Automatic Replies


  1. Select the "Send automatic replies" button. 

Note: If you want to schedule this message to only send for a set period of time, select the checkbox "Only send during this time range:" and set the desired schedule.


  1. Type the text you wish to display as your Out-Of-Office message.

  2. By default the message will automatically be sent as a reply to both people inside and outside  of the organization. However, you can set Automatic Reply to reply to any of the following combinations by checking/unchecking the "Auto-reply to people outside my organization" tab:

    • People within your organization only (uncheck the "Auto-reply to people outside my organization" on the "Outside My Organization Tab")

    • People within your organization and your contacts outside of your organization

    • People within your organization and anyone outside of your organization

Note: Automatic replies have separate messages for internal e-mail addresses and external e-mail addresses by default, so a message must be entered in the body of the Outside My Organization tab in order to be able to send automatic replies to people outside the organization.

  1. After typing the message you want to automatically send as a reply to people who email you, click "OK".



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