How does Overtime work?

Non-exempt employees are entitled to Overtime Pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Any hours physically worked in excess of 40 within the College’s defined workweek will be earned at 1.5 times their standard rate of hourly pay. The College defined workweek is Saturday through Friday. All overtime must be approved by your supervisor prior to working it. 

Hourly employees will no longer need to complete an overtime form. Overtime and Compensatory Time will be tracked and calculated automatically through the Workday Time worklet and loaded to your balance each payroll. When an employee works over their scheduled hours within a week, the corresponding Compensatory Time is loaded into their balance once the payroll is processed for that week. 

For example, if you work over your schedule within the week of Jan 6-12, your Compensatory Time will calculate during the payroll for the January 26th pay check. The amount will then be loaded to your balance for Compensatory Time. If employees wish to be paid out for their overtime/compensatory time, they can request "time off" using the code "Compensatory pay out" for the amount they wish to be paid after the payroll has been completed. The payment would then be on their subsequent pay check. 

If Compensatory Time is not utilized within 60 days of receiving it, the time will automatically be paid on the first pay check following the 60 days. If employees wish to be paid out overtime or compensatory time prior to 60 days, they can request "time off" using the code "Compensatory pay out" for the amount they wish to be paid. Compensatory Time will also be paid out if their is a job/compensation change, and if the compensatory time balance exceeds 80 hours. Please refer to the college salary schedule for additional details. 

Exempt employees are not eligible for Overtime. 

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