What are roles in Workday?

A Role in Workday governs what a person can see and do. As an example all employees have the role "employee as self" which allows them to see information about themselves, change their address, etc.

Roles are assigned by the position at the College, not by person. 

Some roles can be for the entire college such as those for postions in payroll or human resources, such absence partner or benefits partner. Other roles are for a particular supervisory organization such as manager, department support, timekeeper, and abscence partner-department.

The role of manager of a supervisory organization can only be assigned to one position. Other roles may have multiple positions assigned.

If a position is vacant or the person in the position is on leave, the role will inherit to the person in the organizational chart above the vacated position that holds the same role.

Timekeeper and abscence partner-department roles are overseen by payroll.  Department support roles are approved by human resources.

Primary recruiter is a temporary role assigned for recruitment purposes. It allows access and abilities to the hiring manager or search committee chair the ability to act upon the applicants.


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