How come my leave balance for sick leave and personal leave looks different in Workday?

Full-time college employees are permitted to use four of their sick leave days as personal leave during the fiscal year (July 1- June 30). In PantherNet/Employeeweb, these hours were shown as a balance, but were not removed from your sick leave total until they were utilized.

In Workday, the view is different. The Paid Personal hours are placed in their own "bucket" and subtracted from Sick Leave. If, at the end of the fiscal year, all Paid Personal Leave days/hours were not used, the hours are moved back to the Sick Leave Bucket, then four days of Personal Leave are once again loaded to the Paid Personal bucket.

So the two screens show the same amount of leave - Workday breaks it out into two buckets (1,708 Sick, 30 Paid Personal) while Employeeweb showed the total amount only at 1,738 sick hours.

Negative Hours

If an employee has limited leave, in some cases sick leave may show as a "negative" balance. This is because Workday shifted the Sick Leave hours to Paid Personal leave. 

For example, If an employee had the following leave balances in PantherNet:

Annual Leave: 40 hours

Sick Leave:10 hours



In Workday, these same hours would appear as (for a 40 hour employee):

Vacation: 40 hours

Paid Personal: 32 hours

Sick Leave: -22 hours  (a negative number)


As you can see, the total hours available are the same in each system at 50 hours. If you need to take sick leave, you can take them as paid personal, or contact Payroll to convert them back to Sick Leave.


To view your time off balances or request time off in Workday, se the Job Aid HERE



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