How does Comp Time work?

Compensatory time needs to be used, according to Board Policy, within 60 days of earning it.

Hourly employees, will no longer need to complete an overtime form. Overtime and compensatory time will be tracked and calculated automatically through the time worklet and loaded to your balance each payroll. If overtime or compensatory time is not utilized within 60 days, the time will automatically be paid on the following check. If employees wish to be paid out overtime or compensatory time prior to 60 days, they can request "time off" using the code "Compensatory pay out" for the amount they wish to be paid.

Workday will automatically handle the calculation of time vs time and a half dependent upon the employees workweek when loading the compensatory time balance. 

Semimonthly exempt employees do not receive Compensatory Time unless the time was worked during a Holiday College Closing or an Emergency College Closing. To receive Compensatory time for those hours an employee needs need to complete an overtime form and submit it to the Payroll Office with the appropriate approvals. If you wish to have the hours added to your compensatory time balance, please indicate it on the overtime form. Payroll will then load your Compensatory time to your balance, or pay the time according to the college salary schedule.

For additional questions regarding your comp time, contact a member of our Payroll Team


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