How come there is no category for TDE when I request time off in Workday?

TDE, or "temporary duty elsewhere" is not a form of time off. If you are a salaried employee (exempt) there is no need to file for time off for TDE. You will inform your supervisor of your duty elsewhere and gain approval if required. 

For hourly employees (non-exempt), you will check in and check out as you normally would. Please remember that for non-exempt workers, your travel time to and from an event off-campus is considered time worked. For example, if you left your house at 6AM to drive to Orlando for a 9:30 AM conference, your day started at 6 AM. 

For both types of employees, if the TDE event requires pre-approval or reeimbursement of travel expense, the existing processes should be used (except for requesting TDE leave). Such processes will change once the College has completed the deployment of Workday Finance in 2018. 

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